SecPro Arrivals and Velocities

Creating velocities for each individual member is so easy ... enter their clock strike details to establish any clock variation (Clock Control tab) and then enter ring numbers, colours, sex, rubber codes, and arrival time for each pigeon clocked (Pigeons and Velocities tab). Entering these details as each clock is opened and read facilitates printing of a preliminary result within minutes of the final clock being read!

In the event of two or more Pigeons being clocked on the same second by the same member, as can happen with ETS, you will need to RANK the Pigeons concerned in the SAME ORDER that they are printed out directly from the ETS printer. The FIRST pigeon clocked retains the default value of "1". The SECOND Pigeon MUST be allocated the value "2". The THIRD Pigeon must be allocated the value "3". Etcetera ... etcetera. What this will do is add 1 * 1,000,000th ypm for the second Pigeon, 2 * 1,000,000th for the third Pigeon, etc. These are miniscule amounts but enough to allocate DIFFERENT positions to each Pigeon in the result but not enough to allow other Club members to squeeze inbetween. It will also ensure that Prize money and Pools are not overpaid.