More Pedigree Styles

LoftOrgansiser Pedigrees

For some Fanciers, a pedigree is considered totally unimportant. It is of course true when they say "You canít fly a pedigree" and "let the basket be the judge of a good pigeon". However it canít be denied that when a pigeon does prove itself in the basket itís extremely important to know and understand its ancestry and prove it with a content-rich and pleasing pedigree.

LoftOrganiser has several high quality 3-generation pigeon pedigree formats (back to Great grandparents) in simple blank and white text or more splendidly with photographs of the Pigeon and its Parents (if these have been stored). Look at the following couple of examples!

My sincere thanks to Tony Sutton and Mark Sands of L'Epine Valley Lofts for their kind permission to use some pedigrees from their very fine family of Mardon and Louella Staf van Reets.