LoftOrgansiser Montages

If you have stored Pigeons’ photographs within their record cards, you can easily assemble groups of these together into continental style photographic “Montages”. You can create as many Montages as you want and these may be used to exemplify the following types/groups of pigeons:-·        Top breeding Cocks or Hens

  • Janssen (or other Strain) breeders
  • Top Channel racers
  • The Widowhood Team 2002
  • “They flew Barcelona”
  • NFC special diploma winners

All you have to do is type in the Ring Numbers of the Pigeons you wish to include within the Montage and click the print preview button.


Printed onto photo-quality or glossy paper the quality of these photographic montages is fantastic, and will do great justice to your Pigeons.


If you are a commercial loft, these Montages will sell your pigeons for you whilst saving you a fortune creating something similar with a professional photographer!