LoftOrganiser Adding and Maintaining Pigeons

Whether you’ve a small back garden loft or a large range of lofts, its important to manage your Pigeons efficiently.

Adding a new pigeon to the database is pretty easy:-

Each Pigeon in your Lofts will end up with a record card created to store information about it, including:-

  • Sire’s ring number
  • Dam’s ring number
  • Colour
  • Sex
  • Family/Strain e.g. Janssen; Busschaert
  • Loft Location
  • Status e.g. Old Bird; Stock pigeon; Reference Only
  • Breeder
  • Long Details ... these will appear with the pigeon up to Grandparent level on a pedigree
  • Short Details ... these will only appear at greatgrandparent level on a pedigree

Some of this data may require updating from time to time especially Long and Short Details as performances increase through time